Our long term plan is to sail around the world at our own pace. We are not setting ourselves up for disappointments by making rigid plans. We all know that life brings us many surprises and uncontrollable circumstances. Family, health, finances, breakdowns and bad weather conditions just to name a few. So to make things easier and more manageable we are planning one season at a time and even then, our plans can change on a dime! The important thing is to appreciate every moment and to remind ourselves: “It’s not the destination that counts,  it’s the journey!”

The number one preoccupation when you are sailing is the safety and safety on our oceans is directly related to weather. Weather in turn is related to seasons so this is why it is very important to to ‘try’ and follow the right seasons, winds and currents to reach your intended destinations. Hurricanes, cyclones, tropical storms, strong ocean currents like the Gulfstream are samples of what we don’t want to mess with…these reasons should help you understand our path during the next few years.

Season 1 – November 2015 to June 2016 (Double Instinct’s shake down cruise)

For our shake down cruise, we planned to sail to the Virgins and Eastern Caribbean via the Bahamas, Turks, DR, PR. What actually happened was we sailed to the Bahamas and we stuck around too long because of visiting children and friends and then opted to let the current and wind take us home via the windward passage to Jamaica, Belize, Mexico and back to North Carolina for hurricane season!
Saison 1

We will spend the summer in our home town because we have plenty of other things to take care of while we are on land. I had to finally rent my house, we had to make ourselves a little loft in Nat’s father’s basement for when we do have to come back from time to time. We also had to get our website running, our 11 000 pictures  sorted, our yet unknown number of hours of video sorted.

Season 2 – October 2016 to June 2017

We plan to spend October working on the boat and to leave for the Virgins in November. We still are not sure of what route to take and will play it by ear. This season Jimmy will be sailing with us, therefor we might take the slower route back down  the coast in order for him to have time to put on his sea legs. We want to sail the eastern caribbean and leave the boat in Grenada for the next hurricane season.

Season 3 – November 2017 to April 2018

Make our way to Panama for March and get ready to cross over to the Pacific for the beginning of April.

Season 4 – April 2018 to October 2018

We head to the Galapagos, French Polynesia, Cook Islands, Tonga, New Zealand and Australia.

Season 5 – October 2018 to …

Mmm….it’s pretty far ahead so we’ll leave it at that for now!!!