We are Nathalie and Martin, a french Canadian couple who met in 2012. We both thought life was more than the usual 9 to 5 tango that most of us live for 40 to 50 years of our precious lives. Our plan was to re-orient our careers in a way to accomplish our traveling dreams and life long goals….

IMG_3407In the summer of 2014, after almost 2 years of dating, Nat decided to try sailing with me. We chartered a 41′ Beneteau on Lake Champlain and spent 5 wonderful days contemplating life aboard together. She knew that I wanted to leave on a world cruise when I turned 45 but had never set foot on a sail boat before. This was her baptism and as you can see, things went quite well because she fell in love with it and decided to leave with me on this amazing adventure…

From the time she decided to hop on board, every second of our lives was dedicated to making it happen. From June 2014 to November 2015, we worked like crazy!!! We had two fully loaded houses, her’s and mine. She was a sales rep for Hershey’s and I owned a sign company. In order to make this dream come true, we had to rent our houses, sell my company, leave her job, move all of our belongings in storages, buy a boat, outfit that boat to our likings, take care of our children and most but not least…not loose ourselves! All this within 16 months or so! The task was almost unsurmountable but we took things one at a time and step by step we made it happen…July 2014 her house was rented and she moved in with me. October 2014 we went to the Annapolis Boat show to scout out a boat. December 2014, offer made for my business. January 2015, went to St-Martin to buy a boat and spent 10 days on a 46′ catamaran with friends.(didn’t get that boat though). February 2015, the business was sold.(I had to stay 6 months with the new owners). May 2015, we made an offer on Double Instinct.(It was located in Nassau, Bahamas at that time). June 2015, we drove to Annapolis to meet up with Double Instinct and conducted the sea trial, survey and made our final offer (We became owners of Double Instinct). July 2015, we drove back to Annapolis to sail Double Instinct to Deltaville, Virginia and had her hauled. We stripped her of what we wanted to bring back home, took all measurements of what we needed done, filled the 12′ trailer and came back to begin the boat projects! August 2015, I was free from my job! September 2015 we drove back to Deltaville to ‘dry’ fit the hard top stainless steel arches and to take down the mast. October 2015, Nat was free of her job, we packed up everything and left home for good. We spent 3 weeks working nonstop to get our new home ready to float again. November 2015, we sailed D.I. to Belhaven, North Carolina at my fathers house, where we also worked 3 weeks to finish up the hard top and every other little detail.

November 21, 2015…we set sail on this once in a lifetime journey! 20151121_092922Dreams do come true…

Both being in love with each other, in love with with life and instinctively guided by it…our instincts are substantially the same. The name “Double Instinct”, which is spelled the same way in both french and english will define us best and be the most suitable for our home, the one we will sail with to discover our beautiful planet!

Double Instinct, a 38′ Fountaine Pajot ”Athena” catamaran , will be our home on the water for the next few years of our lives. With four cabins and two heads, it will accommodate all of our children, family and friends during our voyage.

During our wonderful journey, our 4 children…Zachary(22), Emanuelle(21), Marc-Antoine(20) and Jimmy(16) will travel with us on and off depending on their respective school and work schedules.

Jimmy is autistic and will be embarking on the adventure full time starting October. We think that travelling the world, seeing new places, new cultures, different people and spending 24 hours a day with us will greatly help him to mature into a great young man.

Thanks to the love and understanding of our amazing parents and awesome children we are able to pursue our dreams and our new careers in photography and videography…