Our first year aboard Double Instinct gave us close to 11 000 pictures to sort out! We had pictures of the boat at anchor in many beautiful places, pictures of either one of us on the boat doing chores or sail handling, pictures of both of us sitting in the cockpit in amazing places, pictures, pictures, pictures but to our total astonishment we had absolutely none, zero, nada, not one single picture of Double Instinct in action with her crew on board…As we will be cruising for the next few years, we have decided to help other cruisers by providing them with the opportunity of having professional pictures taken of their boats in action…

The idea is that while we are cruising, we will be taking random pictures of as many cruisers as we can and we will make these pictures available through this website.

If by any chance you have met us or simply crossed our path during our travels, we might have taken stunning pictures of you on your precious vessel. You can view our galleries to see if we have. The galleries are ordered alphabetically by boat name…

Galleries will continually be added here and if you think you might have seen us take pictures of you, please feel free to email us and we will be glad to verify! Also, if by any chance you find yourself in the same anchorage as us and would like some pictures of you and your boat, it will be our pleasure to oblige…cheers!

If you like any of the pictures and want us to send you the original file(s), simply email us your boat name and file name(s) and personal consent(s) and as soon as we get to land and wifi, we will email you the link to retreive your file(s).

IMPORTANT NOTICE:   If the pictures that you select have recognizable faces on them, you will need to include proof of identity and consent from whoever is on the pictures. This is extremely important to us in order to make sure that we only give the appropriate pictures to the appropriate owners!

Oh! If you see your boat name  and it is listed in red, it simply means we have taken pictures of you but have not uploaded them yet. Drop us an email and we will be glad to upload them at our next wifi stop!

Andiamo – Ariane – Argo – Bonanza – Calico – Crescendo – Eclipse – Escape Velocity – Gros Loup – Homer – Jigsaw – Lady J – Merlin – Myth – Ocelot – Otter II – Raphaella – Sea Wolf – Spirit – Stay-U – Symbiosis – Tiloup – Windarra

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