Hi my name is Jimmy and I was born with autism. Throughout my life, things have not always been easy. As a young child I could not communicate like others, I was cast out by my peers and misunderstood by my family and teachers. My mother spent countless hours educating herself about my condition. She gave up her career, she patiently took me to all the specialists possible to try anything she could to make my life happier and better. One day she came upon something that changed my life forever…

In May 2009 my mother, against all odds and medical support, decided to put our whole family on a gluten and casein free diet. This was extremely difficult for my family but they did it for me. Within less than 1 month, the changes in my head were astonishing. No more tantroms, more communication, alot more social interactions, alot less reclusiveness and best of all no more pills!

I have been gluten and casein free ever since! My progress has been such that today, 7 years later, I am able and willing to embark on a wonderful journey. I sincerely hope, with the help of my mother and our captain, to share my story with as many other autistic friends and families around the world as possible.

Here you will be able to follow me and help me spread my story and accomplishments.