Petit Martin

Martin Jauniaux, Captain
Born December 4, 1969 and native of St-Jean-sur-Richelieu in Quebec he is the father of two, Zachary and Emanuelle.

His early childhood, was spent in Jamaica where his father and grandfather were working at the time. From the age of six his familly spent at least one month every year in Florida. This allowed him to explore and tame the vastness of the ocean and its inhabitants.
At the age of twelve, he was introduced to the world of sailing by his father who was building his own steel sailboat! Throughout the process he spent many weekends searching every corner of shipyards, marinas and libraries with his father. The passion was born but from the ages of sixteen to twenty nine, life was all about school, parties, businesses and babies…

He bought his first sailboat a CS21 at 29 and sailed it all over lake Ontario. Less than 1 year later he purchased his second, a Dufour Arpege 30 and set sail for a 2 year cruise to the bahamas with his family. Being only 32 and wanting his children to rejoin their peers he put aside his cruising dreams for a while BUT promised himself to cast off on a world cruise at the age of 45. November 21, 2015 a few days before his 46th birthday, Double Instinct left the dock !

Petite Nathalie
Nathalie Lefort, Moussaillonne

Born February 16th 1970 in the province of Quebec, more precisely in St-Jean-sur-Richelieu.  Mother of two, Marc-Antoine born from her stomach and Jimmy born from her heart.

Having studied in interior design and photography, fields which she particularaly enjoys, retail will be where she will take her first steps and soon after she will own grocery store for 5 years. She will unfortunately lose her mother at the age of 26 following medical complications. She will become foster home, from which she will have the joy of adopting her younger son Jimmy and the luck of sharing her life with Jeremy and Rosalie, who will live with her for more than 10 years.

After being back on the school benches and becoming a real estate agent, she will put her career aside to concentrate on her youngest son, diagnosed with autism. The need to know will make her read through multiple lectures and researches. Thereafter will come the waltz of pediatrists, speech therapists, neuropsychologists and all kinds of other specialists. Assisting conferences and formations will become her pastime.

Having never taken the plane or seen the ocean, her taste for traveling will be almost absent. Her vacations will be spent visiting her beautiful province and welcoming family and friends at the cottage, where all could relax by the fire and have fun boating on the lake.